Ethical commitment

Ethical commitment


CLUB TENNIS LA SALUT (hereinafter, the Entity) has the highest commitment and will to behave in the fight against harassment, against violence in childhood and adolescence and with the achievement of effective equal treatment between men and women. In this sense, the Entity has implemented procedures and action protocols to ensure due regulatory compliance and monitoring of the referenced commitments.


To ensure its application and due compliance, the participation of all workers, managers, collaborators, suppliers, partners, users and, ultimately, any person related to our activities and operations is required.


In order to make all of the above more effective, the Entity has appointed a person in charge of each area to ensure proper monitoring of our commitment and compliance with the regulatory framework that is applicable to us, as well as to provide support to all people and entities affected and/or involved in its compliance. You can contact the person in charge through the contact information which are detailed in the following section.


Likewise, as a guarantee of rigor and adequate application of our commitment to protection and prevention, two Communications and Complaints Channels have been set up, managed by an external expert, which contemplate all the guarantees and requirements of control, management, registration and protection of the affected that the regulatory framework establishes for this type of channels. The objective of these Channels is that any person can notify possible actions or conduct contrary to our aforementioned commitment as well as due monitoring of the regulatory framework that is applicable to us.


To make a communication regarding a breach of the LOPIAV regulations regarding the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against any type of violence, a specific Channel has been enabled that can be accessed through the following link: https:/ /


To make a communication regarding a breach of any other protocol or regulation that is applicable to us, other than the LOPIAV, which must be made through the link provided in the previous paragraph, you can access the Channel through the following link: https: //


We appreciate the collaboration and support of all the people involved in our commitment as a mechanism for our Entity to be an active part and contribute to compliance and ethical and responsible action through its activities and operations. We encourage you and request that, in the event of any need for support or action guidance, you contact our manager.