Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm

Machines and materials

Directed activities

Exercise that increases the flexibility and mobility of the joints, as well as reducing the likelihood of injury.

Activity that improves concentration, balance and postural control. Tones and strengthens the body.

Exercises based on the relationship of breathing and alignment of the spine. It strengthens the internal muscles of the torso.

Directed class where the body is worked in combination with different fitness materials.

Specific class for working glutes, abs and legs.

Cardiovascular session based on exercise on a stationary bike to the beat of music and with changes in intensity in order to develop aerobic endurance and thus lose body fat.

High-intensity targeted activity that helps improve your fitness, combining cardiovascular exercise with other muscular endurance exercises. It works with different materials: trx, boxing bag, kettelbell.

Easy and fun dance session. Latin music, pop etc. cardiovascular work with simple choreographies.

Combine abdominal work with stretching.

Combines 15′ cycling with full body work.

Bar and disc training that strengthens and tones the whole body and where the main muscle groups are worked.

Low impact session where you work combining basic elements of Yoga and Pilates. Aimed at anyone who wants to improve body-mind balance, as well as work on flexibility, strength, posture and the ability to concentrate and relax.

Intensive core strength that improves stability, posture and muscle tone. Varied exercises that neglect all the muscles of the core, essential partel athletic performance and daily health.

personal workouts

Personal training focused on improving the condition and performance.

  • Hypropressive training program
  • Strenght program
  • Guided training
  • Funcional training

The main goal is giving to the members a full and guided workout.

We also offer routines with personalized exercices depends on level and goal of each person




1 cl. month 38€

4 cl. month 132€




Pack 10 cl. 


Helena Cánovas

Physical trainer

Adrià Rius

Physical trainer

room advice

We have a room technician who will help you at a postural level and explain the operation and objectives of each machine or exercise. We also have routines that can be purchased for € 15 (a sheet with the exercises is provided)

Yoga and pilates training, combining various disciplines for postural improvement and the use of all body movements.

Entrenamientos orientados a una mejora física o para mejorar el rendimien

to en tenis o pádel.

  • Entrenamientos hipopresivos
  • Entrenamientos de fuerza
  • Entrenamientos de circuito guiado
  • Entrenamientos funcionales

El objetivo principal es proporcionar al socio un trabajo completo y guiado.

Además ofrecemos rutinas de ejercicios personalizados según el nivel y el objetivo de cada uno.




1 cl. mes 39€

4 cl. mes 135€




Pack 10 cl.